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Rotary light S100L
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Specification of Rotary light S100L

Qlight Rotary Light S100L

Interchangeable layer type tower lights

Warning light globes applying optical-path direction lighting system

Floodlight with high efficiency LED for inspecting cracks in industrial sites and industrial machinery

A lens that helps deliver the LED's light in the lateral direction, and bulbs applying this lens (LR-transparent)

High intensity LED revolving warning lights applying multi-directional reflector

Explosion Proof electric horns applying sintered flame arrester

Brushless DC Motor

Rotors applying V-belt drive, featuring high energy efficiency and minimized noise

Multiple color LED warning lights

Signal lights applying LED bulbs as light source

Solar powered warning lights

Direct-drive warning lights

Special driving gear for revolving warning lights

LED Bulb applying special lens

Warning lights for heavy industry applying multi lens system

Signal horns embedded in the enclosure body that functions as a light source

LED work light bars specifically designed for machine tools with IP69K protection rating

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